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About Us

Cyndee Tovsen has been an artist forever. Always creating, doing, planning. She loves design and anything you could possibly do with it.

Cyndee holds a BA in Organizational Management and Communications (Concordia University, St. Paul, MN), an AAS in Commercial and Technical Art from the South Central Technical College (N. Mankato, MN), and a Multimedia Specialist Certificate from the Minnesota Riverland Technical College (Austin, MN). She has worked professionally as a computer programmer/analyst, multimedia specialist, software consultant, business owner, trainer, contract administrator, project manager, accounting, administrative assistant, accounts payable clerk, retail sales associate, counter sales person, and coupon refunder. Whew! And she got to do all these things in a diverse set of business arenas: Insurance, manufacturing, passenger elevators, food, retail, finance, military, government, for private and corporate folks. It's been a blast and she has recently found a new (old) love of knitting and fibers.

Cyndee's a wife and mother of four children. Neal, Brianna and Jake always ask what she's up to this week. Angel, Angie is always close by. Her husband, Tony is a great source of encouragement. All he wants is to have the STUFF out of his way! (It may never happen.) There is a dog, "Mercedes", and cats, "Peekers" and "Tressa" who keep her company in the wee hours while she dreams up and creates new things.

Design and Art

What do I love most? Where does my passion lie? That's a blurry line... I love fabric designs, textures, paintings, papers, techniques, china designs, wallpaper, paint in any form, metals, glass as an object or design element. The traditional tools of painting, drawing and designing go hand-in-hand with my digital tools. I love them as much as a pencil or paintbrush. Now, how will I go digital with my knitting??? I won't, other than to build a website and answer email. To me, the feel of the fibers, the knitting needles and the sounds of a new product coming to be are very fulfilling. I love shopping for the fibers and then putting them together, to create something beautiful for you to cherish! ENJOY your purchase as much as I did making it! - Cyndee

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